Trust Conference is the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s flagship annual event and a leading human rights forum. Held in the heart of London each year, the conference brings together some 600 delegates from diverse sectors representing more than 60 countries. Previous speakers have included President and CEO of TIME’S UP, Tina Tchen, Executive Editor of The New York Times, Dean Baquet, and disability and design advocate, Sinéad Burke.

See you in 2021

The global coronavirus pandemic is challenging every aspect of our lives. Restrictions on movement, travel and public gatherings are likely to remain in place - in some shape or form - for months to come, and there are significant uncertainties around how the virus might affect different parts of the world and potentially trigger second waves of infection. Having considered all of the above, I have taken the decision to put Trust Conference on hold for this year.

Trust Conference speakers share their insights on the biggest issues of today

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