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'Deliver Safety for Women with SafeCity App'

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Scale SafeCity app for women’s safety

The Problem

UN Women states that 1 in 3 women face some form of sexual assault at least once in their lifetime. But in our experience, these statistics are grossly under-reported, especially in India. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data indicates that a rape occurs almost every twenty minutes and a crime against a woman is committed every three minutes. A combination of a patriarchal mindset, lack of education amongst a majority of the population, asymmetries of power and a lack of fear of judicial repercussions for the criminal have resulted in horrific accounts of gender-based violence targeting women and girls across India. The societal taboo and prejudice attached to sexual violence also makes it extremely difficult for women and girls to speak up about the violence faced. Insensitivity of the police and lengthy judicial processes are barriers for women to break the silence, leading to a data gap between the actual crimes committed and under-reported official statistics, further making the issue 'invisible'.

The Action

Through our Safecity app and the use of crowdsourced data, The Red Dot Foundation has been identifying location-based concentration patterns and trends where sexual violence crimes are committed. This data has been successfully used to engage over 400,000 citizens and official authorities including the police, municipal and transport authorities and community leaders across 15 cities.

The Red Dot Foundation is looking to scale its work throughout India to reach over 100,000 families in 10 cities over the next three years. This will involve training and deploying over 250 youth leaders to work with community- based NGOs, local governments, police and educational institutions to encourage reporting of sexual violence through the SafeCity app, and to work with these authorities to implement solutions based on the data.

What help is needed

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