2018 Trust Conference Action

'Deliver Income Opportunities for Refugees in Africa'




Income opportunities for refugees through image labeling for artificial intelligence

The Problem

While education and access to  digital  media is on the rise in refugee camps and urban impoverished areas, a key obstacle to rebuilding societies and creating new, empowered communities is a dire disconnect from income- earning opportunities.

For far too long, women have been educated to create crafts for which there is a small and logistically-challenging market, while living under patriarchal structures that have severely limited job opportunities. In the 21st century, there is little reason not to connect these women to the global online economy, empowering them to carry out simple tasks through already present mobile phones; a booming opportunity that can bring better education, more food, medicine, livestock and services through financial empowerment.

The Action

REFUNITE is the world’s largest missing person’s database, helping more than 1.1 million refugees trace their families.

We want to enable refugee women to earn an income and develop skills by labelling images for companies that use Artificial Intelligence (AI). By tapping into the hundreds of thousands of women already registered on REFUNITE’s family tracing platform, we'll be connecting women to our income market, enabling them to work from the safety and comfort of their home.

We have begun a pilot project in Uganda to help 5,000 refugees find an income through our platform over the next 18 months. Having already seen the impact we can achieve by providing skills, opportunities and incomes to refugees, and the many obstacles we must overcome, it is our goal with this Action to leapfrog our first steps and connect 20,000 refugees to an income over the next 18 months. This will require significant partnerships, funding and technological breakthroughs.

What help is needed

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