2015 Trust Conference Action

'Global information and intelligence platform to combat slavery'

Presented by Christine O’Connell - Global Head of Strategy & Business Development, Risk


Creating a central, global platform to assist in the fight against slavery and human trafficking in supply chains to benefit NGOs, civil society, corporations and financial institutions.

The Presentation

The Problem

An estimated 20.9 million men, women and children around the world are trafficked into slave-like labour conditions, sexual exploitation and outright slavery. Efforts to tackle the problem are limited by the quantity and quality of data on individuals and entities involved in acts of slavery and the accessibility of such data. Much existing data is siloed and opaque and initial efforts to share data risk remain partial and fragmented. Slavery is a global problem and requires global solutions, starting with a comprehensive transnational platform to share data and provide actionable information to those with the capacity to have real impact.

The Action

Thomson Reuters would like to create a central, global platform to assist in the fight against slavery and human trafficking in supply chains and benefit NGOs and civil society, as well as corporations and financial institutions.

Data will be contributed by specialist NGOs and other front-line actors working across different regions and areas of focus. Thomson Reuters will gather that data, ensure it meets the key quality assurance criteria expected by the most sophisticated users, and provide the expertise in data management and infrastructure to facilitate its use and analysis.

Pooled, structured data would create unprecedented opportunities for analysis and research to enable NGOs working on the fight against slavery and human trafficking to more effectively design prevention activities, targeted high impact interventions and policy design. For those NGOs contributing information, it will exponentially increase the social impact of their work, making that information available to hundreds of global corporations and financial institutions.

The private sector would have access to a readily accessible tool that enables it to better understand their exposure to the risks of slavery in the supply chain and to access the right information to take action.

Thomson Reuters is ideally placed to undertake such an initiative, with customer and supplier solutions for thousands of corporations and financial institutions around the world informed by research carried out by our over 500 researchers across 240 countries and territories, working in over 60 languages.

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