2017 Trust Conference Action

'Pathway to Technology Careers for Trafficking Survivors'

Tom Ogletree, Director of Social Impact and External Affairs, General Assembly (USA)


Providing survivors with training and access to jobs in the digital economy.

The Problem

Many survivors of human trafficking find themselves entering today’s workforce with significant barriers to education and employment. While many organisations have developed a successful track record of empowering survivors to overcome trauma and gain practical skills to re-enter the labour force, many individuals lack pathways into high-potential high-wage jobs within the digital economy

A host of NGOs and social service organisations have successfully identified interventions and resources to get survivors back on their feet and into the labour market. However, once stabilised, many survivors struggle to get a foothold into professional opportunities that can help advance their careers.

The Action

General Assembly is a global education company that is advancing the future of work. Offering employer-driven, practitioner-taught training in high-demand fields like data, technology, design, and business, General Assembly is working with hundreds of companies – including one third of the Fortune 100 – to address their hiring, training, and assessment needs.

We believe that General Assembly can be a powerful engine of access and economic mobility for stabilised survivors of trafficking, and are looking for partnerships with international NGOs to source talent and provide wraparound and supportive services. We are also looking for funders who can underwrite the cost of training and career readiness coaching.

What help is needed

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