2017 Trust Conference Action

'Jobs for Survivors in the Apparel and Home Furnishing Industries'

Hasina Kharbih, Founder and Chair, Impulse NGO Network, (India)


Jobs for survivors in the apparel and home furnishing industries.

The Problem

There are approximately 350,000 teen survivors of human trafficking in rescue facilities across India at any given time. Most of these girls and young women are not being taught marketable skills at the NGO rescue houses. The lack of job and financial security means that they remain vulnerable to being re-trafficked and are unable to build a sustainable future for themselves.

The Action

Impulse NGO Network, working with the Taught Not Trafficked Campaign from the film SOLD, will create units of employment at an NGO in Kolkata to train 100 or more teen survivors – who have been rescued from the sex slave trade – with marketable skills so they can find employment in the apparel and home furnishing industries. During phase one Impulse NGO Network will train survivors in apparel and home furnishing-making skills.

Survivors will receive a stipend and each young woman will have a savings account established in their name. When they graduate from the NGO, at age 18, they will have a bank account with funds and also be trained in a marketable skill.

Our project partners Nest (www.buildanest.org) will bring in international design experts to help Impulse NGO Network and work directly with businesses that employ only sex trafficking survivors to develop products for the international market.

What help is needed

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