2017 Trust Conference Action

'Taking the Survivor’s Ink Network Global'

Michelle Edwards, Board President, Survivor’s Ink (USA)


Using technology to take the Survivor’s Ink network global.

The Problem

Survivor's Ink exists to empower human trafficking victims by breaking the psychological chains of enslavement through beautifying, removing or covering their physical scars, markings and brandings that are constant reminders of a violent past.

While there are no official numbers to support it, we find that most victims of human trafficking are branded in one way or another by their traffickers: tattoos of names, numbers, symbols or even stating things like "property of” – not to mention the stab wounds, burn scars, and other marks of violence permanently left on their skin and burned into their minds. These marks become triggers, daily reminders carried around on their skin of violence and the past, hurdles to their recovery and building a new life.

The Action

We want every survivor to be empowered to become a leader in their communities, but that is impossible when
they can’t do the simple things that most of us take for granted like taking a shower, going swimming, or even going out in public without constantly facing their trauma. With your help a survivor can not only look in the mirror and smile, but reclaim their life.

Our vision for expansion is to leverage technology to create a digital application system where survivors from all over the world can apply, execute the necessary legal and other documentation, consult and communicate with their tattoo artists or removal clinics, and easily connect to local resources. We know that the key to our success lies in partnering with survivor leaders, tattoo artists and removal clinics in every city possible. This system would not only help us maintain these vital networks, but allow us to easily transact necessary business with service providers.

What help is needed

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