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'Enabling Trafficked Girls to Become Leaders'




Enabling Trafficked Girls to Become Leaders

The Problem

Kranti School empowers girls from Mumbai's red-light district to become agents of social change – their students are girls, aged 13 to 23, who are survivors of trafficking or daughters of sex workers from Kamathipura, one of Asia's most infamous red-light areas. They all speak different languages, many have moderate to severe mental health issues, while others have various learning disabilities or even physical disabilities. Some have never been to school, and some have changed schools six times by age 12. These struggles affect girls in red-light districts all over the globe, but there are no schools to tackle all of these issues, and most efforts to “integrate” students from this background into mainstream schools have resulted in partial or complete failures. Offering these girls real opportunities is the key to social change in their communities.

The Action

In the past five years, girls at the Kranti School have become the first and only girls from Mumbai's red-light district to study abroad, receive United Nations awards, conduct workshops for 500+ teachers and 5000+ students, and deliver 25+ TEDx talks. These incredible accomplishments are due to Kranti School’s innovative, holistic curriculum tailored to meet the needs of girls from this into agents of social change.

Our proposed Action is to turn Kranti’s curriculum into an easily shareable, open-source format that any organisation can download, use, and adapt to their specific context. It would also include a database of global donors, supporters and educators. The database would grow to include leadership opportunities for girls from these communities, including global leadership training, internship and job opportunities, or options for higher education.

We are eager to spread this school model to red-light areas around the world, to provide the resources and training necessary for educators in any country to implement such a model and have a long-term impact on the trafficked girls with whom they work.

What help is needed

• Partner NGOs or schools outside India willing to implement such a curriculum

• Financial support to strengthen our school and develop our global community

• Support to secure a permanent space for our activities, to enable us to act as the main hub of similar alternative education models being implemented in red-light areas around the world

• Technical and legal pro bono support to build a global online platform that is easy to use for both educators and students

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