2016 Trust Conference Action

'Information And Training Initiative For African Female Entrepreneurs'

Afua Osei


Empowering African female entrepreneurs to increase job creation and change the public perception of African women living in Africa.

The Presentation

The Problem

Until now, support for female African entrepreneurs has come in the form of small financial subsidies or skills training limited to subsistence work such as basket weaving, soap making or small-scale agriculture. Even social enterprises often overlook the possibility of women creating small, medium or large businesses that could drive job creation and innovation across the continent. African women wishing to become entrepreneurs lack access to good quality and locally relevant information about how to build a modern business. Most of the entrepreneur development training that would be appropriate for them is coming out of Europe or the U.S., economic environments that are very different. African female entrepreneurs are rarely given an insight into their peers’ work. The global narrative surrounding African women remains the same: that they are poor victims only worthy of charity rather than investment. With your help, we want to change that.

The Action

She Leads Africa aims to empower this overlooked group of women entrepreneurs with the ultimate goal of increasing job creation, create a larger base of formal and therefore taxable businesses that will drive government revenue, and changing the public perception of African women living in Africa. The action aims to:

What help is needed

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