Stop Slavery Award

The Stop Slavery Award is an initiative by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. The Award recognizes companies that are taking concrete initiatives to eradicate modern-day slavery from their supply chains.

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Trust Women Hero Award

The Trust Women Hero Award celebrates an innovator whose bold thinking and high-impact work has helped women defend and advance their rights. Nominations are made by the public: last year, we received 160 outstanding nominations from over 50 countries. Candidates are judged based on their leadership and the innovation, impact and scalability of their work.

Trust Women Anti-Trafficking Award

In 2015 Trust Women presented the first Trust Women Anti-Trafficking Award. The Award recognises an exceptional individual from the frontlines who has made significant progress in the fight against human trafficking.

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(Applications closed. 2016 Applications will open soon).

The Winners

Anti-Trafficking Award 2015

Van Ngoc Ta

Chief Lawyer Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Hero Award 2015

Om Khaled

Founder and Manager Mazaya Women Center

Hero Award 2014

Fazle Hasan Abed

Founder of BRAC

Journalist Award 2014

Chika Oduah

Freelance Journalist & Producer at Al Jazeera

Hero Award 2013

Alaa Murabit

Founder and President, The Voice of Libyan Women

Journalist Award 2013

Neha Dixit

Investigative Journalist, South Asia

Hero Award 2012

Dr. Judi Aubel

Co-founder and executive director of the Grandmother Project

Journalist Award 2012

Lydia Cacho

Award-winning Mexican journalist, author, feminist and human rights activist

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