Meet the Delegate, Antonella Notari Vischer

10 October, 2014

Antonella Notari Vischer, Director of the Womanity Foundation, shares her reasons for returning to Trust Women and why the event is so important to her.

Why are you attending Trust Women 2014?

 I head a foundation whose mission is to empower women and girls, the Womanity Foundation (, so for me, Trust Women is a great place to find out about innovative and impactful initiatives in this field, and to connect with the movers and shakers who work in women’s emancipation and the human rights of women. And I always come away from Trust Women highly inspired and full of new ideas! 


What sessions on this year’s agenda are you most looking forward to?

I am really keen to follow the presentations and conversations on women and the cities. I think it’s a key issue that countries North and South, East and West need to tackle head on, namely so that women can safely take part in and contribute to cities’ social, cultural and economic lives. I expect to learn a lot from these sessions. 


Trust Women is geared to action. Where would you like to see action being taken In 2014?

 Trust Women has already taken a lot of action, with great results, on supporting women’s organisation with legal counsel from their professional network, for example, and by drawing attention to the threats and injustices endured by girls and women around the world. I could see a further push of action in the field of media and technology and how these means and tools can be put to use to improve women’s lives and secure their rights and protection. 

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10 October, 2014

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