Actions from Trust Women Conference

09 May, 2013

Trust Women is more than just a conference. It is an influential international gathering with one main goal: action. The 2012 plenary and working group sessions garnered innovative solutions and partnership ideas, and together we made a number of commitments to action:

1. The Thomson Reuters Foundation and the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr launched an international working group dedicated to fighting human trafficking. Members of the group include some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, US law enforcement agencies, international corporations and NGOs working with trafficking victims.

The group is presently working towards the sharing of financial and technical expertise to improve monitoring of financial transactions, the identification of irregularities in transactions potentially linked to traffickers, and the discussion of other potential cross-border solutions to fighting trafficking.

Participants of the working group currently include:

2. The Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center committed to expand its network of pro bono lawyers devoted to take on and pursue individual lawsuits on behalf of victims of trafficking and forced labour.

3. Not For Sale produced a rating report on the transparency of the supply chains of some of the world’s most popular consumer brands ( The first analysis assessed 50 major clothing brands providing consumers with information on forced and child labor related to the companies’ factories. Not For Sale will now publish three more rating reports.  Not for Sale pledged 400,000 USD to be invested in social enterprises that will create jobs for survivors of trafficking in Europe.

4. The Thomson Reuters Foundation committed to assist Not For Sale in drafting a legal report assessing immigration and employment rights for trafficking victims in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The study will identify policy gaps for trafficking victims who are denied the right to live and work in the countries they are trafficked to.

5. Trust Law Connect - the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s pro bono legal platform - committed to partner with Human Rights Watch to undertake legal research to increase women’s participation in politics.

6. No Peace Without Justice and the BanFGM Coalition committed to jointly campaign for the creation of effective national FGM legislation, as specified in the UN Resolution banning FGM worldwide.

7. The Thomson Reuters Foundation  increased its coverage of women’s rights related content with a specific focus on human trafficking, violence against women, and FGM.  

8. The Thomson Reuters Foundation is currently working towards increasing journalism training across the Arab region focusing on reporting women's rights and constitutional rights issues.

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