Testimonials from the 2013 Conference

25 April, 2014

Hear what delegates and speakers are saying about Trust Women:

“The conference exceeded all possible expectations. I found the speakers compelling, the examination of the focus topics insightful and the commitment to action inspiring. It is very clear that by convening top lawyers, journalists, activists and members of civil society movements around the world to put the rule of law behind women’s rights … you have catalysed a global movement, where our strength lies in our diversity and our shared commitment to tackling clearly identified problems.”

Iman Bibars, Vice President, Ashoka International (Egypt)

“You did a marvelous job of bringing together so many diverse and distinct voices. I am full of admiration. It was certainly very different to anything I have ever attended before on the issue of trafficking.”

 Anne Gallagher, global expert on human trafficking and legal adviser (Australia) 

“Another remarkable and motivating meeting.”

Queen Noor, International public servant, Founder & Chair of the King Hussein Foundation (Jordan) and Advisory Board member

“It was a fantastic achievement.”

Cherie Blair, Lawyer and founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (UK) and Advisory Board member

“The conference counts among the very best I have ever attended anywhere on any issue in terms of content, structure, outcomes, value, the stunning media coverage (the Twitter Feed, close ups on three screens as each speaker spoke and the movie first thing on Day 2 were each excellent but taken altogether were really something!!).’’

Catherine Lee, Lee Foundation (China)

“Excellent event. Inspiring!”

Marcela Navarro, Executive Business Manager to CEO Corporate Banking Division at RBS (UK)

“WOW - what a great conference: sobering, insightful and inspiring. Congratulations on all of your hard work and thanks for bringing us all together to address this most horrific issue of modern day slavery.”

Susan Gibson, International Rescue Committee Board Member

“It is exciting to be a part of what is a global movement committed to action on women’s rights. It was an honour to be included amongst such an inspiring group of individuals working towards the goal of advancing women’s rights and putting the force of law behind their full and equal participation in society.”

Volker Turk, Director of International Protection, UNHCR (Austria)

“Trust Women overflowed with breath-taking speakers and brilliant conference goers; I am still vibrating and ruminating over the experience. It is an honor to be a small part of your essential, growing community and to be working shoulder to shoulder in this crucial fight for human rights.”

Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, The Strategic Message

“I feel very honored to have been a part of this incredible event, which included the perfect combination of knowledge, passion and inspiration to act.”

Jennifer Gentile Long, Director, AEquitas: The Prosecutors' Resource on Violence Against Women and speaker

“It was humbling to be surrounded by a sea of brave committed souls who are united in their quest for justice and the progression of human rights for far too many citizens of the planet that have been denied their rights, are marginalized by cultural traditions, and exploited by greed.”

Carole Storey, award-winning photographer and delegate

“It was really energising to be surrounded by so many dynamic and inspirational people. The breaks were as dynamic as the sessions, with exchanges of ideas, the creation of synergies and prospective collaborations. There was an intimacy that developed over the two days which was wholly created by your elegant, warm and brilliant leadership.”

Atalanti Moquette, co-founder and vice chair, Giving Women

“Thank you too for organising a simply super Trust Women Conference this year – most topical and effective as an event to raise the profile of women’s rights within the framework of the rule of law.  The ladies who attended and presented were most committed and good role models.”

Catherine Maclay, Partner, Platt & Associates

This year was the first time for me in attending the Women's Trust Conference as a Delegate. Personally, I was challenged, educated and presented with information that now has names...dear women, men and children that had lives, had dreams...taken away - I will never be the same. For this, I am deeply humbled and I say a sincere thank you. You have made an impact upon my heart, my life and my calling.”

Kelly McClelland, Women's Advocate, Extreme Response International

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