James Kofi Annan

President, Challenging Heights

At age six, James Kofi Annan was sold into slavery to work in the dangerous fishing industry on Ghana’s Lake Volta. For seven years, he was forced to dive in deep muddied waters to untangle nets, while facing sickness, starvation, and torture at the hands of his ‘masters’. After escaping, with utter determination and passion, James earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s in Communications before becoming a manager at Barclays Bank of Ghana. In 2007, James resigned from his lucrative career in order to dedicate himself to the mission of his organization, Challenging Heights.
Since then, James has driven various social and commercial initiatives in his quest to promote every child’s right to education and a loving family. He contributes to national and international policy regarding child protection and has been recognized by several international awards for his commitment to the education of children worldwide.