Jennifer Kempton

Founder of Survivor’s Ink

A true survivor of human trafficking, Jennifer Kempton used her experience to promote awareness of the issue and to advocate for social change. During her time on the streets, she was formally branded and sold by her abusers. After she gained her freedom, these brands became constant reminders of the abuse. Then, she received the gift of a cover-up tattoo. The feeling of liberation she experienced through that first de-branding inspired her to start Survivor's Ink. Survivor's Ink provides cover-up tattoos/removals to survivors of human trafficking, as well as ongoing assistance with connection to resources to support survivors to rebuild their lives. Through consistent street outreach to currently enslaved individuals, Survivor's Ink has provided placement assistance and other options to help them reclaim their lives. Additionally, Jennifer personally conducted prevention and victim identification training to increase awareness and affect change. Jennifer passed away on May 18, 2017.