Raheb Alwany

Syrian doctor and Human Rights defender

Raheb Alwany is a human rights defender, civil society activist and researcher from Syria. Born and raised in Raqqa city and got her M.D degree from Faculty of Medicine in Damascus University. After graduation she moved back to Raqqa to start practicing medicine in the National Hospital of Raqqa at the time the city had been controlled by extremists of ISIL. Simultaneously, she was working for Badael Foundation on a peace building project. Badael is a Syrian NGO committed to strengthening civil society groups in Syria that are active or want to become active in the promotion of non-violence and in the implementation of activities to reduce the severity of violence, to break its cycle, to respond to the conflict and to prepare for the process of post-conflict peace-building.

Raheb has been engaged in three programs of Badael, the first one is the capacity building program which has been implemented through trainings and consultation on several subjects (Conflict resolution and transformation, child recruitment, sex and gender based violence, human rights and transitional justice as a tool for sustainable peace). Training workshops had been held in Raqqa by Raheb secretly, in her own house, due to high-risk conditions while the city was under control of ISIL, or even before, when the city was exposed to the aerial attacks, bombing and shelling by the Syrian regime.

The second is the research program, through which Badael has published its latest study on “Women’s peace activism in Syria”.

And the third is the advocacy program through which Badael participates in events that aim to advocate for peace and enable sharing experience and knowledge to plan a better intervention in order to create strategies for sustainable peace in Syria.