Darian McBain

Global Director of Sustainable Development, Thai Union

Darian McBain is an engineer, scientist and science communicator with a focus on sustainable supply chains. Darian has spent her career working with business, government and non-government organisations on managing the environmental and social impacts and risks of business activities and contributing to a more sustainable society.

Darian is currently the Global Director of Sustainable Development for Thai Union, the world's largest canned tuna manufacturer. Prior to joining Thai Union Darian ran a business consultancy in Australia advising business, government and NGOs on strategy and sustainability. She has worked in the UK for the National Health Service and the United Nations. Darian also worked with WWF in its market transformation program and in addition to working with a wide range of industries, ran a social media campaign to increase the awareness of sustainable palm oil.

Darian is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with Integrated Sustainability Analysis at the University of Sydney on social and environmental footprinting and holds a PhD on social indicators for global supply chain analysis. In addition to her PhD from the University of Sydney, Darian holds a Masters of Science in Business Strategy, Politics and Environment from the University of London, and a Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental) from the University of New South Wales.