Evelyn Chumbow

Survivor, advocate and leader, National Survivor Network

Evelyn is a survivor of child Labor Trafficking. As a student at University of Maryland University College, she’s focusing on Humanitarian work and Homeland Security. Where she comes from, lack of knowledge about Human Trafficking rights is an everyday reality. She is the first woman from her country of Cameroon in West Africa to have been fortunate in pursuing the knowledge of Human Trafficking. She is a full time undergraduate student at University of Maryland University College; she also is a intern at Baker & McKenzie LLP. She understands that she is in a unique position to do something about the Human Trafficking in West Africa, in her hometown and the rest of the world. When she reached the US, she was forced to cook, clean, and take care of the children of her trafficker, Theresa Mubang. She was never paid for her work, and any hope that she might escape her miserable life was undermined by the constant beatings she received from her trafficker. For seven years of her young teenage life, she lived in constant fear and worked day and night. She never road the school bus, went to a prom, hang out with friends after school, and joined a dance team. Instead, she was a modern day slave, not in some far-flung country, but right here in the US. She has not seen her parents for eighteen years due to this situation. After all those years of captivity, she finally escaped. Her trafficker was sentenced to 17 years in prison for what she did to her.