Simon Constantine

Head of Ethical Buying, Head Perfumer at Lush

Simon Constantine started his career in perfumery at Lush, a natural progression for a man who was literally brought up on fragrance and beauty products as the son of two of Lush’s co-founders, Mark and Mo Constantine. Simon’s role at Lush is running the fragrance department where he now creates his own scents as well as the those used in Lush’s many fresh handmade cosmetics. Simon loves the challenge of creating new fragrances and being involved right at the heart of it, he thinks that potentially there is great scope for a “revolution” in perfume and the industry that drives it. Lush, with its policy of simpler production, quality of ingredients and innovation encourages this. 

Simon is also responsible for buying and sourcing the high quality ingredients and raw materials used across all of Lush’s product ranges. He travels the world setting up cooperatives with local people, ensuring consistent quality, quantity and fair trade and in 2010, along with Lush's Buying Team, established the SLush Fund to move even further beyond just purchasing fairly traded ingredients and, instead, develop supportive partnerships and start sustainable farming and community projects with the people that produce them.