Murad Ismael

Co-founder and Director of Board, Yazda

Murad Ismael is the Co-founder and Director of Board of Yazda, a global Yazidi organisation. Ismael is also the founder of Sinjar Crisis Management Team (SCMT). He was a graduate student at the University of Houston when the Islamic State attacked his community in August 2014. Ismael established a team to coordinate food and water drops to more than 150,000 stranded Yazidis on top of Mount Sinjar and help to ensure the safe return of 5,000 Yazidi captives. They also helped conduct humanitarian operations with the information received from thousands of phone calls from stranded Yazidis held captive by IS.

Yazda also runs a center in northern Iraq to support victims of IS. The center provides services to more than 2,000 Yazidi women and children who managed to escape captivity and sex slavery. The organisation also presented a report to the International Criminal Court outlining the nature of the IS attacks and pleading for an open an investigation on these crimes.