Abdul Ntale

Development Officer, Students For Global Democracy Uganda

Abhinav Khanal

Co-Founder & Operations Director, Bean Voyage

Abida Pehlic

President/Program Manager, Novi put

Adina Bălan

Founder and President, SOLWODI

Ahmad Al Rashid

Student and Activist

Ahmad Bayer

Founder, Hauran Cultural Center

Ahmad Nawaz

Education and Peace Activist

Ahmed Raza

Social Activist

Aichurek Zhunusova

Communications Associate, World Food Programme

Aissa Walet Mohamed Aboubacrine

Islamic Relief Mali

Aissata M.B. Camara

Co-Founder, There Is No Limit Foundation

Akriti Bopanna

Policy and Advocacy Manager, Internet Society

You told me this conference was about action, and you were right. You pulled together something remarkable.

Michael Brosowski Founder & CEO, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Alan Petz

Founder, Fundación Enyx, A.C.

Alejandra Acosta

Co-founder, Break the Silence Project

Alexandra Abrudean

Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender - A.L.E.G. Romania

Ali Martin Sesay

Director of Gender and Human Rights, Vision for the Blind

Alketa Spahiu

Italian Ministry of Interior Affairs - Countering Serious Crime in the Western Balkans

Amina Evangelista Swanepoel

Founding Executive Director, Roots of Health

Ana Bulgar Murray

Co- Founder, Black Button Books

Andrea Powell

Founder and Executive Director of FAIR Girls

Angel Saltos

Executive Director, Moonlight International

Ankit Khanal

Founder and Programme Director, Community Solutions Initiative- Nepal

Ankita Anand

Editor, Unbias the News

Anna Zobnina

Strategy & Policy Coordinator, European Network of Migrant Women

Anny Tengamendite Modi

Women's Rights Activist

Anta Brachou

Hibiscus Initiatives

Aria Mia Loberti

University of Rhode Island

Arifah Suparni

Chairperson, Integrity Syariah (ZAKKI) Foundation

Aris Kardasilaris

Anti Human Trafficking Consultant and Strategist

Arrey Ojong Eyumeneh

Human Rights Officer, United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA)

Ashif Shaikh

Co-founder, Jan Sahas

Asia Kamukama

Development Economist

Asiya Mohammed

Conflict Women, Ltd

Awa Diédhiou

Donor Relations Assistant, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Aysel Asgarova

National Co-ordinator - YPEER, Azerbaijan

Azadeh Bahramji

Human Rights Activist and Author

Barry Griffin

ICT Manager, Gateway Health Institute

Bernardus Steven Harageib

Co-Founder, Young Achievers Empowerment Project

Bibi la Luz Gonzalez

Founder, Eat Better Wa’ik

Boram Jang

Vice Secretary-General, MINBYUN - Lawyers for a Democratic Society

Bouba Aeisatu

Executive Director, Forum Des Femmes Autochtones du Cameroun (FFAC)

Caitlin Wyndham

Resources and Partnerships Leader, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Carolyn Seaman

Founder & Creative Director of Girls Voices Initiative

Casey Hartnett

Social Justice and Women’s Rights Activist, Creator of Period Drama and Unplugged

Celia Boyd

Managing Director, SHE Investments

Chido Matewa

Co-founder, Africa Women Filmmakers Trust

Chitra Iyer

Founder, Space2Grow

Christina Moreno

Founder/Legal Consultant, SheMatters Organisation

Christina Sargsyan

Research Officer, International Center for Human Development

Christine Du Preez

Director, Hoedspruit Training Trust

Crystal Mogensen

The Maa Trust

Cynthia Simkonda

Programme Officer, Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy

Damar Juniarto

Executive Director, Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet)

Deus Valentine Rweyemamu

CEO, Centre for Strategic Litigation

Diane Powers

Founder and President of Madaworks

Diego Tabares


Dina Shaikhislam

Children's Development Foundation

Dipina Sharma Rawal

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Divyadarshan Chandraseakr

Social entrepreneur, researcher, vice-president of

Diwakar Pyakurel

Journalist, Onlinekhabar

Donga Nqobizitha

Youth and Women’s Rights Activist

Donga Nqobizitha

Zimbabwe Christian Alliance - Hwange Office

Dr. Md. Shahid Uz Zaman

Founder and Executive Director, Eco Social Development

Dr. Radhika Batra

Founder and President, Every Infant Matters

Elaine Cristina Alencar

Public Ministry of the State of Paraíba

Elliot Yae-Ahn Park

Public Interest Lawyer, GongGam Human Rights Law Foundation

Emile Destin Ibara Doniama

Blockchain Advisor, Rainforest Defence Foundation

Emily Bild

Director for Global Programs, GoPhilanthropic Foundation

Erika Mosebach-Kornelsen

The Justice Project

Ertan Karabiyik

Director at Development Workshop Cooperative

Eva Meyer de Stadelhofen

Founder, GirlCode

Fahmida Zannat

Knowledge Management and Advocacy Officer, BRAC

Fale Lesa

Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic & International Studies

Farai Shawn Matiashe

Freelance Journalist, Freelancer

Farhad Wajdi

Ebtakar Inspiring Entrepreneurs of Afghanistan (EIEAO)

Fatima Kissi Traore

Software Engineer & Drive Forward Ambassador

Florence Nassali

Founder, Real Women Organisation

Florin Helf

Out Right Action International

Gawie Kanjemba

Lawyer and Activist

Gil Machado Torres

Teacher, University of Toulouse

Goutam Kumar Sanyal

Project Technical Expert, Lotus Shishu Shadan

Hadeel Abd Elmoula

Médecins Sans Frontières

Hanh Dang

Country Program Coordinator, The Australian-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons

Harmeet Kaur

Co-founder, The Pink Foundation

Hassam Bin Kamran

Founder, Butterfly Initiative Pakistan

Heidy Quah

Founder, Refuge for the Refugees

Hellen Waiswa Lunkuse

Human Rights Defender

Ihsan Ullah

Chief Executive, Alliance for Peace & Disability Rights (APDR)

Iman Traboulsi

Founder, MIDAL

Imani Luvanga

Journalist and Communications Officer, Zaina Foundation

Irene Hirzel

Managing Director, ACT212

Irene Ubani

Journalist, Freelancer

Iyad Alqaisi

Co-Founder, Justice Clinic

James Gondwe

Founding Director, Centre for Youth and Development

Janet Rogers


Janette Akhilgova

Works with Peacebuilding UK, Chief of the Board, RC-DEV

Javed Hussain

Executive Director, Sindh Community Foundation

Jawhratelkmal Kanu


Jean Paul Laurent

Founder and CEO, Unspoken Smiles Foundation

Jigme Konchok

Tsuma, Drukpa Order

Jihyun Park

Project Manager, Connect North Korea

Josephine Aparo

Head of the International Justice Mission’s Aftercare Department in Uganda

Josie Collins

Casework Officer, Kalayaan

Jovana Vuković

Director, Jednakost (Equality)

Joydeep Dasgupta

Editor, New Sense

Julius Karl D. Fieve

Local Government Assembly Member, Mafi Zongo Electoral Area, Ghana

Karina Guerschberg

Director, Senderos del Sembrador

Kathleen Miles

Director of Analysis, Center on Illicit Networks and Transnational Organized Crime

Kehkashan Basu

Founder and President, Green Hope Foundation

Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph

Founder, Calabar Youth Council for Women’s Rights; Founder and CEO, Africave

Khadicha Abysheva

President, Legal Center for Women's Initiatives

Khalipa Babalwa Dube

Founder, Fly Black Child Project

Khalisa Shahverdi

Women/human rights and social justice activist in Azerbaijan

Khrystyna Derkach

Education and Peace Activist

Kirill Boychenko

Campaign Coordinator, International Labor Rights Forum

Kofi Adu Domfeh

News Editor, Freelancer

Lalaina Randriarimanana

Co-founder and General Coordinator, Liberty 32

Lavdi Zymberi

Field Coordinator, Equality and Gender Mainstreaming Across Borders

Laxmi Maharjan

Vice President, Human Rights Journalists' Association Nepal

Layth Slewa

Planning specialist, HOBY Iraq

Lilian David


Lilian Patricia Masebenza

Founder, Mhani Gingi Social Entrepreneurial Network

Lisa Parsons

Social Justice Advocate

Loria-Mae Heywood

PhD researcher, University of Hull

Lorik Keshish Hartoun

Chief Executive Director, GOALS

Luciana Campello

Gender Consultant at the Pan-American Health Organization in Brazil

Lucy Tandi

Business Reporter, Mining Index

Luis Diego Jiménez

Founder, CRece



Mahoussi Simone Assocle

Entrepreneur, Freelancer

Malish Joseph

Senior Operations Assistant, IOM

Maria del Pilar Domínguez

Villa Teresita and University of Valencia

Maria Javier Brugarolas

President, Kazakhstan Foundation for Cultural Social and Educational Development (KFCSED)

Mariana Wenzel

CEO and Co-Founder, ANTHUS

Marina Charles

Trafficking Unit Coordinator, Guyana Women Miners Organisation

Mark Anthony Toldo

Journalist, Freelancer

Maryna Manchenko

Università degli Studi di Palermo

Melissa Fairey

Community Development Worker and Youth Advocate

Michael Kanyigi

Psychological Counsellor & Health care manager

Miriam Menkiti

Executive Director, Women Information Network

Mojisola Adewumi

Creative Director/Founder, 21st Century Entrepreneur Initiatives/Royal

Monica Salazar


Morsad Adil

Managing Partner, Morsad Adil

Mugerwa Martin Beckham

Country Director, Youth Alive Liberia

Muthaka Alphonse

Founder and Director, Congo Men's Network

Nadia Al-Sakkaf

Researcher & Human Rights Advocate

Nadia Sacoor

Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Aga Khan Foundation Portugal

Natasha Dimitrovska

Activist & Communications Specialist

Natasha Latiff

Human Rights Lawyer

Natasha Schoultz

Anti-Human Trafficking Project Leader, Operation Mobilization

Nda Helmina

Projects Coordinator, Centre for Assistance to Victims of Trafficking and Violence (CAVT)

Neelam Sharma

Free the Slaves

Nevena Borisova

Journalist and Poet

Noella Coursaris Musunka

Founder, Malaika

Noorzia Afridi

Founder, SAWERA

Ny Aiko Nomenjanahary Razafimahefa

Founder, Nikita Corps Madagascar and Wash Officer, UNICEF

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe

Founding Director, Tag a Life International Trust

Patricia Carmona


Paula Kweskin

Human Rights Attorney

Pema Lhaki

Executive Director, NFCC

Pranav Chopra

Social Entrepreneur and CEO, NEMI Teas

Pranitha Timothy


Prita Jha

Founder and President, Peace and Equality Cell ( PEC)

Raafia Raees Khan

Vice CEO, SWAaT for Pakistan

Racha Haffar

Founder & President of ‘Not 4 Trade'

Raluca Negulescu-Balaci

Executive Director, Policy Center for Roma and Minorities

Raymond Mungujakissa

Social Entrepreneur and Founder, Education Reach Uganda

Renard Siew

Climate Change Advisor, Centre for Governance and Political Studies (CENT-GPS)

Rethabile Konopo

Consultant and Founder, Konopo & Partner Labour Law consultancy

Rhadem Morados

Human Rights Activist and Filmmaker

Richard Ntakirutimana

Co-founder and Executive Director, African Initiative for Mankind Progress Organization

Richard Yohane

Activist, Rights Institute for Social Empowerment (RISE)

Rita Otu

CEO, Beau Haven Farms

Rujuta Teredesai

Co-founder & Director, Equal Community Foundation

Rukshana Rizwie

News Editor, Daily News

Ryan Joseph Figueiredo

Founder and Executive Director, Equal Asia Foundation

Ryme Assaad

Co-founder and Executive Director, Kapstone Co, Myiolab and SEFY

Ryoko Minagawa

Founder and Secretary-General, Lawyers for Trafficked Victims

Samah Mansur

Officer of gender and women's rights unit, The Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development - ACT

Saman Mahmood

HR and Admin Coordinator, Save the Children International

Samantha Sibanda

Founder, Signs of Hope Trust

Samson Newton

Principal Attorney, Newton Samson Legal Practice

Sanaulhaq Ahmadzai

Chairman and Trustee, ICRAA

Sandra Miyanga Muya

Slave Free Trade

Sandrine Henton

Investment Director, Educate Global Fund

Sebastián Arévalo Sánchez

Co-Founder and CEO, Fundación Pasos Libres

Selay Marius Kouassi

Investigative Journalist, Freelancer

Sesame Mogotsi

Peace and Security Expert, AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub

Shafeea Riza

Co-Founder, Family Legal Clinic

Shahed Deebajah

TV Presenter, Yaoum Jadeed

Shaima Aly

Co-founder, Net Impact Oman Hub

Shaista Gohir

Director, Muslim Women's Network UK

Shyamal Santra

State Programme Officer, Transforming Rural India Foundation (TRIF)

Silvja Hodo

Poverty Alleviation Activist and Agricultural Data Analyst

Smarita Sengupta

Found and director, Destiny Reflection

Sok Phay Sean

Child Helpline Cambodia

Sokea Yoem

Project Manager, Hagar International Foundation

Sr. Rose Paite

Founder, Integrated Women Development Centre: Peace Home

Stanley Uche

Literacy Ambassador, The World Literacy Foundation

Stephen Diaz

Belize Youth Empowerment for Change

Suvekshya Joshi

Outreach Worker, Shakti Women's Aid

Taffan Ako Sharif

Student and Social Entrepreneur, EmpowHERments and TISFF

Taiwo Temitope Ogunmola

Senior Correspondent, UPSHOT MEDIA

Talita Melo

Editor, Women's Observatory

Thuvaraka Thavayogarajah

Scientist and Education Activist

Tom Churchyard

Founder and Executive Director, Kwakha Indvodza (Building a Man)

Tushar Kanti Baidya

Project Director, Inclusive Bangladesh

Ucha Nanuashvili

'Former Public Defender (Ombudsman) 2012-2017; Human Rights Centre’

Uuriintsolmon Narantsetseg

National Center Against Violence

Vasili Sofiadellis

CEO, Visions2Ventures and Founder, Changemakers Lab

Veronica Flores

Founder and General Manager, AGAPE

Virginia Ifaediro

Vital Voices fellow & Development professional

Virginia Ifeadiro

Initiative for Food, Environment and Health Society

Vivek Gupta

Freelance Journalist, Freelancer

Volha Damarad

Human Rights Lawyer, University of Tartu

Yanelys Hernández Cordero

Founder and Director, Havana Live Magazine

Yostina Boules

Co-founder, Taqa Solutions

Zanji Valerie Sinkala

Gender Activist and Co-Founder, Women Taboos Radio

​Ackel Zwane


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