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Do we need to reboot capitalism after COVID-19? Interview with Halla Tómasdóttir, CEO of The B Team

For some people, the coronavirus pandemic could have meant losing a job, or even being pushed into poverty. It’s left a lot of people worrying about the long-term impact on our society and economy. But now some experts are arguing it’s the perfect opportunity to press the world’s reset button - to reflect and reimagine how we could create a planet that’s healthier, more sustainable and more fair. So what would that look like - and is it even possible? In the latest episode of TC Talks, our CEO Antonio Zappulla explores this question with Halla Tómasdóttir, CEO of The B Team, a group of global leaders working together to transform business for a better world. In Halla’s words: “COVID has cracked us open, the light is slowly coming in, and we're starting to think hard about creating a system that actually works.”

About TC | Talks

TC Talks is a newly-launched interview show featuring world-renowned experts who would otherwise have held the stage at Trust Conference, in conversation with our CEO, Antonio Zappulla. The series builds upon the strength and reach of Trust Conference and will air on our Trust Conference YouTube channel every month. It’s an opportunity for us to remain connected with our audiences as we navigate the challenged posed by the global health crisis and to share timely insights on media freedom, inclusive economies and human rights from some of the world’s highest-profile thought leaders.

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